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Fire metaphor

Don’t make your fire too big and don’t let it get too small.

Put the logs on at the right time by waiting patiently for the right moment like waiting for the perfect moment to shoot an arrow. Waiting for the moment to come of itself and so allowing the transition between moments to become effortless.

Some logs burn longer longer than others. Observe when this is the case and wait before putting the next log on. Read the way the log is burning, noticing the subtle pace of the burn.

In this way, the fire is keeping time. A rhythm which is aligned with God.

The more you follow this rhythm of firetime, the more the quality of the moment will be enhanced and sacred information will be revealed. Information which nourishes our being.

When grandfather fire is listened to, he becomes very happy and wise.

Ignorance of firetime causes confusion and disharmony.

Even when a physical fire is not burning, it is possible to align ourselves with the spirit of grandfather fire.

This spiritual fire is always burning. It is up to us to make sure it is well fed. And there may be several fires burning inside of you. So just be observant to which fire needs a log first. Once you have a solid bed of coals, you can be a little more lenient, but not much more!

Be on watch, always!

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