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Sustainable community is built upon a foundation of Trust, which is established by means of clear communication stemming from an understanding that words are sacred and used carefully, and by means of clear boundaries stemming from a deep understanding of oneself. 

Binding the community together is a clear vision which transcends time and all particularities, tapping into the universal Truth, while at the same time acknowledging the place where the community resides in order to fine-tune the relationship with nature there so it can maximize biodiversity and minimize harm.  

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"Looking behind I’m filled with gratitude. Looking forward I’m filled with vision. Looking upwards, I’m filled with strength. Looking within I discover peace." ~ Q’ero Nation


Regarding plant medicines, we can either: Prohibit, foolishly. Neglect, ignorantly or arrogantly. Abuse, for selfish purposes. Master, for cultural and collective wellbeing.


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