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Honorable greetings and big welcomes to the Tenninge cohousing community project. Since the start of mid-2022 when we bought the property, a lot has happened. And a lot more needs to happen in terms of development and self-sustainability. The project is amazing in all its glory and can sustain life on so many different levels for a large number of people.


We aim to build a resilient and welcoming little world of the extraordinary. A place to stop time. To learn. To rest. To heal. To work. To enjoy. To live. To reside, and settle down. A forever home nested in amazing surroundings.

Tenninge Community Development In Furudal, Dalarna, Sweden.

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Back in the day, a few hundred years ago. Around 350 people resided at Tenninge. there was a small village located at sight, and ruins from the old time can still be explored all around the property. Tenninge was a part of Furudals Bruk, and iron production was taking place on sight. There is an endless variety and amount of "bergslaggsten" mountain slag stone at the property, which today is used mainly for jewelry making. In the summer it almost looks like crystals are growing in the ground. 

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Tenninge cohousing community is constantly growing and looking for residents. Helpers, investors, donators, and skillful people that want to join in on a life in peace and solitude. Ever-evolving projects like building a Tiny house on wheels, courses, workshops of different kinds, painting, restaurants, festivals, gatherings, ceremonies, and so on. There is a company at the bottom of it all called HEIMLANDR. This company also works with solar panel installations and self-sufficient/off-grid Tiny houses on wheels. HEIMLANDR AB is the main driver for the development at Tenninge. Residents can get employment in the company, live at sight, and work for the foundation and/or the company. Life here is more or less rent-free. Everyone has their own space/house. During dinners, work, and funs we come together and create as a group.

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